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Quick Looting is a system that was introduced with the Winter Update 2017 to 

make looting faster and more effective. In order to organize your loots, players are able to manage their loot Containers and assign them to different categories

of items, e.g. default, Gold and Creature Products. Items picked up via Quick Looting are automatically sorted between these containers. The item categories are the same used by the Market and the Cyclopedia, with the addition with one category for money

Manage Loot Container


Loot Container Icon

Containers assigned to at least one category will display an icon on top of them. Hovering the cursor over it will show you its assigned categories.

Quick Looting is comprised of two features which are always active and can be used simultaneously. 

Loot All

The Loot All feature sends all the items inside a creature's corpse to the corresponding loot containers once the corpse is clicked. The mouse button and key (if used) combination can be changed on the Options menu and also depends on the player's mouse preset. You can also add items to the Accepted Loot (white) or Skipped Loot (black) lists to use along the Loot All option. When using the Accepted Loot mode, only the selected items will be looted. On the other hand, when using the Skipped Loot mode, all items but those selected will be looted. Items can be added or removed from the lists using the Cyclopedia or simply by right-clicking on them, which also works for items not on the Cyclopedia.


Currently these are the possible mouse button and key combinations available:

  • Regular Controls
    •  Shift + Right click
  • Left Smart-Click
    • Alt + Left click
  • Classic Controls
    • Left click - When using this option, your character will loot the corpse instead of walking over it.
    • Right click - When using this option, your character will loot the corpse instead of opening it.
    •  Shift + Right click- This option does not change any default control but is less practical.
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